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What is Scholarship?

A scholarship is a financial help provided to a student, due to their academic achievement or other related issue that may include financial need, which ultimate goal help merit student.

In the term with colleges and universities, scholarships are financial aid which designed to help students spend for an graduate, undergraduate and PhD degree. A Scholarship is a form of financial aid, provided to a student by a university to continue their education.

Some university provide scholarship program to both incoming students as well as current and students. There are various types of scholarships based on scholarship receiver and provider.

Generally they’re merit-based and need-based scholarships.

Donor and Department set their scholarships fund by recipient selection, here provider specifically defines how his money is to be invested. The funds are calculated based on costs of tuition, books, room and other expenses what student need to spend for total course of his or her University life.

Scholarships are generally awarded using different types of factors, including academic achievement, employment experience, areas of study, financial need and community or country requirement.

Sometimes a scholarship is a one time check payment. Some scholarships are renewable provide money to students each semester or college or university year. These awards differ from Department to Department and University to university.

Students could get the money directly as a check in their enrollment number. In these situation, student can pay their tuition, fees, books, room and board bill by this money.

Scholarships usually donate by independent third parties or universities authority. This means that universities and third parties have authorization to draw up their own criteria what they declared for scholarship qualification.

Different types of Scholarships.

Getting a scholarship can be game changer for a student. Before you search for scholarship, write down your personal strengths and go as per your target. Students can remember their passion areas, skills interests and any previous achievements or awards that might lead to catch scholarship.

Getting to start, remember exploring these common types of scholarships:

# Institutional scholarship

# Community scholarship

# Scholarship for Athletes

# Extraordinary hobby scholarship

# Scholarship based on applicant

# Need based scholarship

# Employer and military scholarship

Institutional Scholarship

High score achieving students can get scholarship money based on standardized test scores or their transcripts.

Institution recognizes academic achievement by providing awards of varying amounts every year to students who score high.

A student can find similar opportunities based on grading and test scores, use scholarship search tool in Google. When students apply for scholarship, they can submit scholarship committees with outstanding transcripts and committed to get outstanding result in future.

Community Scholarship

Scholarships aren’t only for merit students. There are opportunities for those who serve in community as a volunteer.

Social worker who have made a positive impact on their communities and bring positive outcome in community what make society stronger modern are eligible for community scholarship.

Students who have background of community involvement can focus their scholarship in this area.

Scholarship for Athletes

Students with good sports background can consider for Athletes scholarship. Lots of scholarship provider offer an athletic scholarship. If students are involved in sports like football, cricket, basketball, swimming or another sports they can be eligible for Athletes scholarship.

Extraordinary hobby scholarship

While students familiar with Institutional and Athletics scholarships, they can be get opportunity from there hobbies. Students also leverage their extraordinary activities, such as involvement in games and musicals, to get scholarship.

Scholarships based on applicant

Some university provide their scholarship to ethnic group student how are really lack behind. Like as Hispanic scholarship and African American school scholarship.

When student looking for this opportunities, students can identify their race, gender, ethnicity or other platform of their identity to find scholarships that are a good fit for them.

Need based or requirement based Scholarship

A student who really need money support to complete their course will be identified by university can get this scholarship.

Many requirement based scholarships have additional requirements, such as living in a special community in or a particular area of study. Where socio economy is getting low, they can apply for this scholarship by certain framework.

Employer and military scholarships

Lots of company provide financial support to bright student and offer job after completing course. Some group of company offer scholarship programs to support their employees university student. This scholarship full depends on companies internal rules and regulations. Finally, children of certain job holder like military, National Guard or Police can apply for Employer and military scholarship.

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