Higher Education and Careers in Ireland.

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Higher education and careers in Ireland.

In general we believe that, those students who have been follow the reports have benefited to some extent.

We would like to say that today’s topic will be very helpful for science loving students.

Science is an important part of human civilization. It is necessary in every terms of life. So there is huge demand for science in the field of education.

Generally people thought that only relatively gifted students can study science who are specialize in research, data analysis, problem identification and presentation of solutions.

That’s why employers recruit in science degree holders. But it is true that, science students can provide good solutions to collective issues such as good policy, climate change and other initiatives.

People generally think science mean physics, chemistry, and biology. But science is beyond that, there is a huge world for science students.

Like, geology does not mean the study of rocks, but the study of the subject provide the history of the earth, the life cycle, the creation and extinction of living being. In that way, there are many branches of science including genetics, pharmacology or pharmacology, microbiology or bacteriology, geology or zoology, astrology or astronomy. Each department has a different workplace in present world.

Colleges and universities in Ireland pay special emphasis on science education. Trinity College, a renowned college in Dublin, has many courses on science subject.

There are 4 years course where first 2 years are taught in 3 or 4 science subjects. Other 2 years provide special lesson on any one subject. As a result students became experts in that subject. Here students have to choose any one of the 16 departments of science subject.

Some advanced science courses, including oceanography and astronomy are offered by this institution.

Higher education and career in science in Ireland.

There are opportunities to study science at University College Dublin and the Dublin Institute of Technology.

The first 2 years of the 4 year course at these two institutes also have to take specialized subject in one of the last 2 years after studying basic subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. University College Cork offers degrees in many subjects, including genetics, chemistry, physics, astronomy.

Dublin City University (DCU) offers both Common Degree and Specialized degrees. There are all subjects of science are taught in a specific subject.

More importantly, there are opportunities to take degrees in science in various educational institutions across the country. There are some courses what are not common in the world, but necessary for human civilization.

Such as nanotechnology. Here Trinity College is leading in course in Ireland. They offer degrees in subjects like Chemistry of Advance Material, Nano Science. Subject like industrial work is taught at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Ireland has the opportunity to take degrees in Marine Science. The Ryan Institute of National University Galway is gradually getting its reputation in this field. There are two separate courses oceanography and ecology. The university also offers courses in Earth and Ocean Science.

Genetics course is offered by Trinity College, UCC, DCU. Students who get degrees in that field have the opportunity to work in research institutes, labs, hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinical science and genetic counseling.

Science degree holders in Ireland are get the opportunity to build a perfect career at home and abroad.

Irish Higher Education Authority found in 2012 that 63 per cent of students with a master’s degree in science were working in the good position in country or abroad where 10 percent are taking higher education or vocational training.

In this field, science students with postgraduate get the opportunity to build a good career. For this reason, students has tendency to take post-graduate in science more than other departments. There is a huge demand for science students in the world industrial sector. Galway’s biomedical, Cork and Dublin’s pharmaceuticals industry, the high-tech industry are looking for science degree holders.

Moreover there are employment opportunities in departments like Commercial research, food and beverage industry, commercial research, clinical trials, lab research. Degree holders in environmental sciences have job opportunities in both public and private sectors.


Science students are preferred for employment in any other sector due to their investigative, analytical and observational skills.

Government of Ireland offer International Education Scholarships for non EEA counties students.

Ireland Government  International Education Scholarships support non EEA counties students who have high academic and extracurricular activities to study in Ireland.

Scholarship Reward:

HEA( Higher Education Authority of Irish) will provide fund to student € 10,000 for one study year.

* Final year of undergraduate program.

* Final year of master degree program.

* Final year of research or PhD program.

Total fund will support living cost and tution fee up to one year.

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships will be fund 60 scholarships for academic year 2022-2023.


Applicants must be get final or conditional offer from Trinity College Dublin.


25 March,2022

For more details information go to Trinity College Dublin and HEA.ie website.

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